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"At the Crossroads" is a song featured in the 1967 film Doctor Dolittle sung by Samantha Eggar as Emma Fairfax with vocal by Diana Lee.


If I were a man, I'd scratch his eyes out.
I'd tear his hair out by the roots
And kick his shins in with my boots
And I would bite his hand, as only I can
If only I could be a man!

A great man would not hesitate
To put Dr. Dolittle to death.
Attila the Hun, to name only one
Would chuckle at his dying breath!

It seems a man can be as rude as he likes,
Crude as he likes, lewd as he likes to.
But a girl must be discreet as she can,
Sweet as she can, neat as she can too.

But that's not the life that I want to lead
Normal and formal as homespun tweed.
I need the freedom to go... where I please.
But where do I please?
I don't know... that's the trouble...
I don't know...

Here I stand at the crossroads of life
Childhood behind me
The future to come
And alone

Nothing planned at the crossroads of life
But life will find me
More grateful than some
It has known

Grateful to see all the wonderful things I see
Grateful to be what life expects me to be

So I stand at the crossroads of life
This way or that way
Well, which shall I go?

Towards the left or the right?
Towards the day or the night?
Towards the dark or the light?
Only my heart can know
Only my heart... can know...