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Avatar is a Fox video that was extremely popular.  20th Century Fox released it in 2009. In U.S. it ranked top among U.S. box office that year.

It tells the story of a certain earthling who cannot walk, named Jake. His mind can ride in a hybrid-being called Avatar which is similar to the native Na'vi species. He learns about the natives and eventually sides with them against the Earthlings.


In the future, during year 2154, on a distant world, Earthlings made a colony in a forest. A space vehicle brought Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) and others to Pandora, a moon that orbits around a planet, which orbits Alpha Centauri A. Sully awoke and floated, despite paralyzed legs, to a locker wardrobe that shows his brother's name "T. Sully" whom he replaced on this mission.

The colony's goal is to get resources. The Resources Development Administration operate the Avatar Program. Jake pilots an avatar. It is a Na'vi-human hybrid, so Jake's mind connects to it. The mission for Jake's avatar is protecting the avatars of Dr. Grace Augustine and another scientist, Norm Spellman, while they collect  data. Suddenly, a dangerous native beast called a thanator attacks Jake's avatar. He leads it away from Grace by running into the forest. He runs until a native Na'vi named Neytiri fights it. Flowers float around him so she leads him to her clan, believing the omen that he is good. She introduces him to the clan and is his guide in the forest.

He starts learning their culture.

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