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 Bobb's world 2 is the sequel chapter to the original Bobby's World series after 15 years of absence.


  • Natelie may return to the series since The Adventures of Bobbysitting.
  • An episode is called Wrong Guess where a burro calf is invited to Bobby's house. 
  • Bennether,a 14 year old go-kart practicer will be introduced.
  • Everybody, but Bobby and Jacky have the same oufits and cast as in the original series. 
  • Miracle of 34th St and Rural Route 2 airs December 2014.
  • This is the first time the Bobby's World series has involved the humor of craking knuckles.                                            


All week long, except for Saturday. Tune in on it 8:00 am-Midday on daylight,and 8:00 pm-Midnight at night.  

Day: Monday,Wednesday,and Friday.

       Night: Sunday,Tuesday,and Thursday.