Cafe Metropole is a 1937 American drama film directed by Edward H. Griffith, starring Loretta Young, Tyrone Power and Adolphe Menjou.


Alexis (Tyrone Power) is an international playboy with a habit of writing rubber checks. Heavily in debt to cafe owner Monsieur Victor (Adolphe Menjou), Alexis agrees to pose as a Russian nobleman, Alexis Paneiev, and woo heiress Laura Ridgeway (Loretta Young), so that Victor can get his hands on the girl's money


  • Loretta Young as Laura Ridgeway
  • Tyrone Power as Alexis
  • Adolphe Menjou as Monsieur Victor
  • Gregory Ratoff as Paul
  • Charles Winninger as Joseph Ridgeway
  • Helen Westley as Margaret Ridgeway
  • Christian Rub as Maxl Schinner
  • Ferdinand Gottschalk as Monsieur Leon Monnet
  • Georges Renavent as Captain
  • Leonid Kinskey as Artist
  • Paul Porcasi as Police Official
  • André Cheron as Croupier (as Andre Cheron)
  • George Beranger as Hat Clerk (as Andre Beranger)
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