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Power Rangers Time Force Force From The Future     

Power Rangers Time Force Force From the Future Is A VHS Tape That includes the first 4 episodes of Power Rangers Time Force Released in 2001 By 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment And Fox Kids Video.


Force From The Future Part 1

Force From The Future Part 2

Some Thing To Fight For 

Ransik Lives

In Force From the Future Part 1 A Girl Named Jen Member of the TF Officers and Her Fiance Alex Dies in a battle against Ransik because he killed him.

Part 2 The Second Main Protagonist Wesley Collins Joins the team.

Part 3 Capain Logan sends the Megazord For the first time.

Part 4 Wes's Teammates Blend in from people from the present. Wes And Jen Go Paint at newstation after that Ransik Kidnaps Wes

Cast Jason Faunt Alex/Wes Wes is 21 Alex is 24

Michael Copon Lucas Kendall  Lucas is 21

Kevin Kleinnberg "Trip Trip is 19

Debraoh Philips Katie Walker Katie is 20

Erin Chail Jen Scotts Jen is 19 to 20

Vernon Wells Ransik Age 50

Kate Sheldon as Nadira Age 16

Eddie Frison as Frax


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