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Champagne Charlie is a 1936 Drama directed by James Tinling, starring Paul Cavanagh and Helen Wood.


Champagne" Charlie Courtland (Paul Cavanaugh) is a smooth, sophisticated and highly unethical gambler, plying his trade among the rich and famous. Charlie's backers hope for a huge financial windfall when he begins to court beautiful young heiress Linda Craig (Helen Wood)


  • Paul Cavanagh as Charlie Cortland
  • Helen Wood as Linda Craig
  • Thomas Beck as Tod Hollingsworth
  • Minna Gombell as Lillian Wayne
  • Herbert Mundin as Mr. James Augustus Fipps
  • Noel Madison as Pedro Gorini
  • Montagu Love as Ivan Suchine
  • Brook Byron as Iris (as Delma Byron)
  • Alan Edwards as Valaroff
  • Madge Bellamy as Woman in Cab