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Checkers is a 1937 American drama film directed by H. Bruce Humberstone and written by Robert Chapin, Karen DeWolf, Frank Fenton and Lynn Root. The film starsJane Withers, Stuart Erwin, Una Merkel, Marvin Stephens, Andrew Tombes and June Carlson. The film was released on December 8, 1937, by 20th Century Fox


Jane Withers and trainer Stu Erwin save a horse with a broken leg and enter it in a race.


  • Jane Withers as Checkers
  • Stuart Erwin as Edgar Connell
  • Una Merkel as Mamie Appleby
  • Marvin Stephens as Jimmy Somers
  • Andrew Tombes as Tobias Somers
  • June Carlson as Sarah Williams
  • Minor Watson as Dr. Smith
  • John Harrington as Mr. Green
  • Spencer Charters as Zeb
  • Francis Ford as Daniel Snodgrass