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Crysta is a curious and plucky teenage fairy and the main protagonist of 20th Century Fox's 1992 animated feature film, FernGully: The Last Rainforest. She is voiced by Samantha Mathis in the 1992 feature film and by Laura Erlich in the 1998 direct-to-video sequel, FernGully 2: The Magical Rescue.


Physical Appearance

Crysta is a pretty young fairy who appears to be around 16 years old. She has black hair, green eyes, red lips and pointy ears. Her outfit is a red tube top and short skirt.


Crysta is a curious fun loving fairy. She is nice, kind, caring, friendly, gentle, trusting and loyal. She loves nature and the animals that live in it she is protective of all the things she cares about. While she is forgiving Crysta doesn't like to be lied to or have her trust broken. She doesn't hold grudges and is very peaceful but when someone lies to her or threatens her home, friends and family those people see a more angry serious side of Crysta.

While Crysta likes to live a carefree life full of adventure and even though she daydreams a lot Crysta also knows that she has to take things seriously. Crysta isn't one to start trouble or fights she will defend others who need protection. She is brave, determined, honest, merciful, cheerful and sweet. While Crysta is a fun loving girl she knows that she has to be mature and responsible after she takes Magi's place. Although she is now the leader and protector of her home Crysta still doesn't stop having fun but she also knows how important her duty to nature is. Crysta is also playful, compassionate, loving, selfless unlike her boyfriend Pips Crysta doesn't have a hate Zak when she first meets him. While her best friend Pips is nice, kind and likes to have fun Pips also gets jealous easily he can be a jerk he is also not as trusting as Crysta.

Pips is also arrogant he can get mad and angry easily but despite that he cares for his home and friends he is also protective. While Crysta and Pips are playful Crysta learns that by taking Magi's place she has to become more serious, mature and responsible while Pips prefers to be laid back and carefree. Although Crysta doesn't like to have her trust and loyalty broken she doesn't get mad or angry like Pips if it is broken.



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