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Dangerously Yours is a 1937 American crime film directed by Malcolm St. Clair and starring Cesar Romero, Phyllis Brooks and Jane Darwell. A detective goes on the track of some jewel thieves, but falls in love with one of the gang. It was a B Movie made by Twentieth Century Fox, with sets designed by the art director Lewis H. Creber.


A detective poses as a jewel thief and joins a bunch of other crooks sailing from Europe to New York in search a famous gem. He falls in love with one of the crooks.


  • Cesar Romero as Victor Morell
  • Phyllis Brooks as Valerie Barton
  • Jane Darwell as Aunt Cynthia Barton
  • Alan Dinehart as Julien Stevens
  • Natalie Garson as Flo Davis
  • John Harrington as Louis Davis
  • Douglas Wood as Walter Chandler
  • Earle Foxe as Eddie
  • Leon Ames as Phil
  • Albert Conti as Monet
  • Leonid Snegoff as Boris