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Dimples is a 1936 American musical film directed by William A. Seiter. The screenplay was written by Nat Perrin and Arthur Sheekman. The film is about a young mid-nineteenth century street entertainer (Temple) who is separated from her pickpocket grandfather (Morgan) when given a home by a wealthy New York City widow (Westley). The film was panned by the critics. Videocassette and DVD versions of the film were available in 2009.


Dimples is a Bowery busker living with her pickpocket grandfather "Professor" Eustace Appleby. She is hired to entertain at a soiree in the Washington Square Parkhome of wealthy widow Caroline Drew. Mrs. Drew is so charmed by Dimples she opens her home and heart to the child, providing her a life of comfort and plenty.

Mrs. Drew's nephew Allen, a theatrical producer, abandons his sweetheart Betty Loring for haughty actress Cleo Marsh. His family is scandalized, but Allen pursues his goal of staging a brand-new play, Uncle Tom's Cabin, with Dimples portraying Little Eva.

During rehearsals, Dimples longs for her grandfather and returns to his humble dwelling, refusing to budge without the old man in tow. Mrs. Drew traces Dimples to the Bowery and a solution is found to the impasse. Allen realizes he loves Betty and is reunited with her. The film ends with Dimples appearing in New York City's firstminstrel show.


  • Shirley Temple as Sylvia 'Dimples' Dolores Appleby, a street entertainer in New York City circa 1850 and Professor Appleby's granddaughter
  • Frank Morgan as Professor Eustace Appleby, a pickpocket and Dimples's grandfather
  • Helen Westley as Mrs. Caroline Drew, Allen's aunt and Dimples's patroness
  • Robert Kent as Allen Drew, a theatrical producer and Caroline Drew's nephew
  • Astrid Allwyn as Cleo Marsh, a haughty actress and Allen's sudden romantic interest
  • Delma Byron as Betty Loring, Allen's betrothed and the daughter of Colonel Loring
  • Berton Churchill as Colonel Jasper Loring, Betty's father
  • Julius Tannen as Emery T. Hawkins, a swindler
  • John Carradine as Richards, a swindler
  • Stepin Fetchit as Cicero, a servant
  • Billy McClain as Rufus
  • Jack Clifford as Uncle Tom, a character in Allen's new play
  • Betty Jean Hainey as Topsy, a character in Allen's new play
  • Paul Stanton as Mr. St. Clair, a character in Allen's new play
  • The Hall Johnson Choir as Choir