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Il Dinosaur World è una vasta giungla mesozoica perfettamente conservata, situata sottoterra. È l'ambientazione principale della maggior parte del terzo film.

The translucent ice ceiling is supported by rocky pillars that stand as high as skyscrapers. There are waterfalls and forests full of cycads that were similar to the appearance of ferns and palm trees, which were common in the Mesozoic era. The light coming down on the jungle was caused by the sun that shone through the thick layers of ice up above. In other words, it was as bright as daylight. It is also very warm, like a mild rain forest. Apparently this is where Dinosaurs and other Mesozoic inhabitants escaped to in order to survive the K–T event. The Dinosaur World's most common inhabitants are dinosaurs (From both the Jurassic and Cretaceous period), birds such as Archaeopteryx have also been shown to be native here.

Buck is the only known mammal living in the Dinosaur World. Buck explains to the Sub-Zero Heroes that the Dinosaur World continues such areas the Jungle of Misery, the Chasm of Death, the Plates of Woe, and Lava Falls.

In Ice Age: Collision Course, Buck appears rescuing a Triceratops egg from a trio of Dino-Birds. He ends up safely returning the egg back to its mother. Later on, Buck had discovered a hidden Stone Tablet that foretold an incoming asteroid heading towards earth.

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