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Dr. Dolittle: Million Dollar Mutts (also known as Dr. Dolittle 5 or Dr. Dolittle 5: Million Dollar Mutts) is a 2009 American comedy film, starring Kyla Pratt and Norm Macdonald. It was released on May 19, 2009 and like its predecessor, Dr. Dolittle: Tail to the Chief (2008), was a direct-to-DVD release.

It is the fifth and final film in the Dr. Dolittle series and the third film in the series not to feature Eddie Murphy as Doctor Dolittle or Raven-Symoné as Charisse Dolittle, though they are mentioned in the film.


Maya Dolittle thinks she doesn't have to spend 7 years in college to be a vet because she can talk to animals. While taking a walk with Lucky, she helps a cat on a tree by talking to it. She gets discovered and Tiffany Monaco, a Hollywood star, brings her to L.A. to help her little puppy, who turns out to be a male. Soon, Maya and Tiffany began creating their own show, The Animal Talkers. Maya also meets Brandon Booker who is her love interest. Maya soon finds out the show isn't about helping animals and goes back home to study being a vet. She also finds out Brandon is at her school too. Meanwhile, Monkey is out in L.A. searching for his big break but quits because he wants to help Maya.


  • Kyla Pratt as Maya Dolittle
  • Tegan Moss as Tiffany Monaco
  • Brandon Jay McLaren as Brandon Booker
  • Jason Bryden as Rick Beverley
  • Karen Holness as Lisa Dolittle
  • Judge Reinhold as Network Executive
  • Elizabeth Thai as Reporter
  • Frank Cassini as Firefighter
  • Sarah Deakins as Vet
  • Mark Hillson as Biker
  • Doron Bell as Ridiculuz
  • Curtis Caravaggio as Chase
  • Matthew Harrison as Paul Furhooven

Voice cast

  • Norm Macdonald as Lucky the Dog[1]
  • Jaime Ray Newman as Emmy
  • Phil Proctor as Monkey/Snake
  • Greg Ellis as Dave the Dove
  • Fred Stoller as Fluffernufferman
  • Pauly Shore as Cat
  • Jeff Bennett as Princess/Rocco/Frog/Horse
  • Vicki Lewis as Chubster
  • Stephen Root as Turtle
  • Greg Proops as Puppy
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