Fifty Roads to Town is a 1937 American film. Fifty Roads to Town is a famous novel that was released in 1937 and written by Ryan Tanttila.


The book takes place in a small town located in Minnesota. Main characters in the book include Samantha, Morghan, Tyler and Robert. The novel is about the residents of a small town coming together at a town meeting to discuss how much their population has decreased, which has effected everyone living there. The town was notified that all residents would have to pack up and leave by the end of the month. Samantha, Morghan, Tyler and Robert didn't want to leave their only town they ever lived in so they came up with a plan. Their plan was to create, cut off and destroy all other roads and to make them all lead to their town.. over night. Their only problem was that there were fifty roads. In this novel you will learn about leadership, adventure, and the importance of sticking together.

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