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Four Men and a Prayer is a 1938 American adventure film directed by John Ford.


After being dishonorably discharged for issuing a costly and fatal order, Colonel Loring Leigh (C. Aubrey Smith) gathers his four sons (William Henry, George Sanders, David Niven, Richard Greene) to prove his innocence as a conspiracy victim. But Leigh is murdered, his death disguised as suicide. Now his sons must find the guilty party and restore their father's integrity, while close behind their every move is Lynn Cherrington (Loretta Young), a woman in love with Geoffrey (Greene).


  • Loretta Young as Miss Lynn Cherrington
  • Richard Greene as Geoffrey Leigh
  • George Sanders as Wyatt Leigh
  • David Niven as Christopher Leigh
  • C. Aubrey Smith as Col. Loring Leigh
  • J. Edward Bromberg as Gen. Torres
  • William Henry as Rodney Leigh
  • John Carradine as Gen. Adolfo Arturo Sebastian
  • Alan Hale as Mr. Furnoy
  • Reginald Denny as Capt. Douglas Loveland
  • Berton Churchill as Mr. Martin Cherrington
  • Barry Fitzgerald as Trooper Mulcahay
  • Claude King as Gen. Bryce
  • Cecil Cunningham as Piper
  • Frank Dawson as Manders