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Gorgon is the main antagonist in "Walking With



Gorgon is first shown during the forest fire scene. he has two other Gorgosaurs with him, possibly his family members. Patchi makes the mistake of attracting the attention of the Gorgosaurs, and they give chase. Gorgon pursues Scowler and Patchi, while his packmates corner his mother,and three siblings. The young pachyrhinosaurs hide under a fallen tree, in the hopes that the smoke will hide their scent. unfortunately, Gorgon manages to find them, and he sticks his snout under the tree, before snapping at the panicked pachyrhinosaurs. he is then knocked over by Bulldust, and the two engage in a breif fight to the death. sadly, the fight ends when Gorgon mauls Bulldust's leg, and then goes for the kill, by biting his rival's throat. Patchi and Scowler look on mournfully. later on, Patchi and his brother have moved into Juniper's herd, and are migrating. they are in Ambush Alley, when Gorgon and his pack spot them once more. the Gorgosaurs charge, and seperate the weak and the small from the herd, cornering them at a raging river. Gorgon manages to grab one pachyrhinosaur by the neck, and slam it to the ground, before going for the kill. during this, Juniper falls into the river, and Scowler and Patchi tumble after her.

Gorgon, unlike his family, his skin color is brighter blue with yellow under his chin to his tail.