Harvester supreme commanders are Harvesters that are the supreme commanders of their own personal Colony ships, and the right-hand of Harvester Sub-Queens. They take orders from Harvester Queens directly, and colonize planets by a Queen's order if possible.

One supreme commander serves as the main antagonist in Independence Day (1996).


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War of 1996 

On July 2, 1996, a Supreme Commander sent by his/her queen arrives with his/her Colony mothership, hidden behind the Moon and using Earth's man-made satellites to transmit a countdown signal to when the Harvesters were to attack. The supreme commander also sent City destroyers to Earth's major cities, including Los Angeles,New York City, and Washington, D.C., and when the countdown signal has reached the deadline, the Queen orders the destruction. The Supreme Commander follows her orders, and major cities across the globe were demolished.

On July 4, 1996, Captain Steven Hiller and David Levinson take a captured Attacker. They get into the Colony mothership, and succeed in uploading a virus into the central computer of the Colony mothership in orbit above Earth. Then, they fire a nuke to the Colony mothership's core, causing the death of the Supreme Commander and the destruction of the Colony mothership. This signals the end of the 1st invasion.


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