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A Harvester pilot is a Harvester that is given the job of piloting an Attacker or a Fighter. One participated in the 1996 invasion of Earth.


Harvester pilots are tasked by Harvester Queens to pilot their spacecraft, most notably Attackers and Fighters during war. However, a Harvester pilot could also pilot a Harvester Mothership, since it was leaving Earth after the IDR Harvester Queen died to find a new Queen, or even a Queen's Pod, since the Queen was never seen piloting her own ship during the entire film, so it's possible she hired one of her own pilots to steer her ship.

Bio-mechanical suits


War of 1996

Following a dogfight between the Harvesters and humans in the ruins of Los Angeles, a Harvester pilot pursued Steven Hiller, but only for Hiller to cause it to crash his vessel. Hiller knocked the invader unconscious and subsequently brought it to Area 51. The Harvester was later shown to the guard outside Area 51 by Hiller, acting as the latter's "proper clearance."

The pilot was autopsied by Area 51's scientists lead by Dr. Brackish Okun in an attempt to remove its exo-suit. However, the pilot awoke during the procedure and attacked its handlers. It then used Okun as its puppet to communicate its captors to demand its freedom, controlling his vocal cords with its mind. This act would put Okin in a 20-year-long coma. When President Thomas Whitmore tried to establish dialogue with the Harvester and questioned for the reason why its kind came to Earth, the pilot revealed to the President through a telepathic assault on his mind, showing him images of his/her empire, with the Harvester Queens as their leaders, destroying other alien worlds and harvesting their natural resources - with Earth being their latest target for harvest.

The President's security detail fatally shot the Harvester, with Major Mitchell finishing it off with several gunshots to its head from his Beretta 92SB pistol.



Behind the Scenes

  • The scene where Major Mitchell approaches a wounded alien and shoots it in the head at point black range was not in the script and added at the last minute. This was done after one of the few complaints test audiences had was that the aliens weren't suffering enough.