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Home Sweet Home Alone is an Christmas comedy heist film. It is the sixth installment in the Home Alone franchise and premiered on Disney+ on November 12, 2021.


Max Mercer is a 10-year-old boy who is accidentally left home alone for the holidays when his family goes on a trip to Japan. Now he must work to defend his home from a married couple arrives there to steal a priceless heirloom.


Jeff and Pam McKenzie are trying to sell their house, but have not told their children, Abby and Chris. Jeff had lost his job and Pam's salary is not able to afford keeping their home. To make matters worse, Jeff's obnoxious and more successful brother Hunter and his wife, Mei, and son Ollie, have decided to stay with them for Christmas. During an open house, Max Mercer and his mother Carol stop by to use the restroom. Max has a brief exchange with Jeff, during which the latter reveals a box of old dolls, including a malformed one with an upside down face. Carol comments on how dolls with unusual deformities tend to sell due to their rarity. As Max and Carol return home, the whole family is preparing to leave for Tokyo, Japan for the holidays, with Carol leaving earlier than the rest of the family. Max, annoyed with the fuss, decides to hide in the garage parked car and falls asleep.

Concerned about losing their home, Jeff goes to retrieve the doll, only to find that it is missing. Believing that Max stole it, he manages to locate the Mercer household the next day, only to find the whole family hastily leaving. During the commotion, he overhears the security code and sees where the house key is hidden. He tells Pam about it and they agree to go and steal the doll at night. Meanwhile, Max discovers that the whole family has left and takes advantage of it by having fun, though he quickly grows bored. Jeff and Pam arrive at the Mercer house and get inside. Max overhears them talking about getting an "ugly little boy" and assumes they are talking about him. He manages to scare them away by calling the cops. Officer Buzz McCallister arrives, but Pam manages to divert him. Max realizes that if he found out he was home alone, his parents might get arrested.

Carol discovers that Max has been left home alone and buys a ticket to head back. The McKenzies head to church the next day where they run into their realtor Gavin Washington who tells them that they have a buyer, but they need to decide by the end of the year; putting pressure on them. Max arrives and unknowingly converses with Jeff and Pam's son Chris who sympathetically gives him his nerf gun. Jeff and Pam spot Max talking with an elder afterwards and assume she is his grandmother. They resolve to break into the house once again while the rest of their family is still at church. They sneak around the back of the house, but end up in the neighbor's backyard instead. Max overhears them once again plotting with Jeff agreeing to arrive dressed as Santa in an effort to fool him. Max responds by setting up traps in his house while Jeff and Pam wait for their family to fall asleep on Christmas Eve.

Jeff and Pam are subjected to Max's traps, during which they discover that Max did not steal the doll, but instead stole a can of soda. They clear up the misunderstanding, but learn that Max is also home alone and agree to let him stay with them until his mother comes back. As they explain the whole situation to their family, it turns out that Ollie stole the doll and manage to safely retrieve it, thus ensuring that the McKenzies will stay. Carol arrives to pick up Max and, having moved into their house only two months ago, finds friends in the McKenzies and thanks them for taking care of Max. One year later, the Mercers and McKenzies have Christmas dinner together with Jeff having gotten a new job and willingly gives Max the soda he craved the year prior.


  • Ellie Kemper as Pam McKenzie
  • Rob Delaney as Jeff McKenzie
  • Archie Yates as Maxwell Johan "Max" Mercer
  • Aisling Bea as Carol Ellen Mercer
  • Kenan Thompson as Gavin Washington
  • Timothy Simons as Hunter McKenzie
  • Ally Maki as Mei McKenzie
  • Pete Holmes as Uncle Blake Mercer
  • Chris Parnell as Uncle Stu Mercer
  • Devin Ratray as Buzz McCallister
  • Katie Beth Hall as Abby McKenzie
  • Max Ivutin as Chris McKenzie
  • Andy Daly as Mike Mercer
  • Maddie Holliday as Katie Mercer
  • Aiden and Allan Wang as Ollie McKenzie
  • Mikey Day as Priest
  • Jim Rash as Bell Choir Leader


The film was announced by Bob Iger on August 6, 2019 who confirmed that the film will be exclusive to the Disney+ streaming service.[1] The next month, Dan Mazer entered talks to direct while Mikey Day and Streeter Seidell were announced as writers.[2]

Between December 2019 and July 2020, the entire cast was announced.[3][4] It was later confirmed that Devin Ratray would reprise his role as Buzz McCallister, now a police officer in the new film.[5] While initially reported that Macaulay Culkin would reprise his role as Kevin McCallister, he later denied he was involved.[6]

Production began February 2020,[7] but was halted due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Filming had either resumed or ended by November 2020.[8]


  • This is the third 20th Century Studios family film after The Call of the Wild and Ron's Gone Wrong.
    • Thus, it is also the first Home Alone film to be released after the Disney purchase.
  • This is the first Disney+ original film to be produced by 20th Century Studios, following Disney's completed acquisition with 20th Century Fox back in 2019.
    • Thus, it is the only Disney+ original film to be released under the 20th Century Studios banner; further 20th Century Studios family films made for the streaming service from Diary of a Wimpy Kid onwards would start being released under the Walt Disney Pictures banner, while other 20th Century Studios films made for the streaming service are branded as Hulu Originals or Star Originals.
  • This film was released exactly two years after Disney+ was originally launched in the United States.
  • This is the first Home Alone film to be given a rating from the MPA since Home Alone 3; like the first three Home Alone films, this film has been given a PG rating from the MPA, while the fourth and fifth films did not receive any rating from the MPA, due to them being made-for-television films.
  • This is the first Home Alone film to lack a traditional antagonist; unlike all of the previous villains in the franchise, Pam and Jeff McKenzie are not real villains (due to being kind and unselfish throughout) and have only been mistaken as burglars by Max Mercer (as opposed to having blamed the latter for stealing Jeff's collectable doll) until near the end.

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