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"I Cain't Say No" is a song featured in the 1955 film Oklahoma! sung by Gloria Grahame as Ado Annie Carnes with music composed by Richard Rodgers and lyrics written by Oscar Hammerstein II.


It ain't so much a question of not knowin' what to do
I knowed what's right an' wrong since I been ten
I heared a lot of stories an' I reckon they are true
About how girls are put upon by men
I know I mustn't fall into the pit
But when I'm with a feller, I fergit

I'm jest a girl who cain't say "No"
I'm in a terrible fix!
I always say "Come on, let's go"
Just when I oughta say "Nix"

When a person tries to kiss a girl
I know she oughta give his face a smack
But as soon as someone kisses me
I somehow sorta wanna kiss him back

I'm just a fool when lights are low
I cain't be prissy an' quaint
I ain't the type that can faint
How can I be what I ain't?
I cain't say "No!"

Whatcha gonna do
When a feller gets flirty
An' starts to talk purty
Whatcha gonna do?

S'posin' that he says
That your lips are like cherries
Or roses, or berries?
Whatcha gonna do?

S'posin' that he says
That yer sweeter 'n cream
And he's gotta have cream er die?
Whatcha gonna do when he talks that way?
Spit in his eye?

I'm jest a girl who cain't say "No"
Kissin's my favorite food
With or without the mistletoe
I'm in a holiday mood

Other girls are coy an' hard to catch
But other girls ain't havin' any fun
Ev'ry time I lose a wrastlin' match
I have a funny feelin' that I won

Though I can feel the undertow
I never make a complaint
Till it's too late for restraint
Then when I want to, I cain't
I cain't say "No!"

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