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Ice Age: Scrat Tales, is a 2020 American computer animated comedy series produced by 20th Television Animation and airing on Disney+. It's based on the Ice Age franchise and it focuses on Scrat. It follows Scrat finding out about his young son and fighting with him for acorns. The show starres Chris Wedge reprising his role of Scrat while Kari Wahlgren and Frank Welker joining him voicing Baby Scrat and Kid Dodo.

It premiered around April 13, 2020.


One month after the events of Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs and sixtheen years before those of Ice Age: Continental Drift, Scrat finally manages to find a new acorn and discovers that he and Scratte had a son togheter named Baby Scrat. They will fight between the love they have for each other and their obsession for acorns.[1]



  • It's unknown if Scratte will appear if it gets a second season. Ellie appears in one episode with Scrat ending up flattened and mistaken for her pillow which she puts under her butt.
  • It's the first Ice Age TV show.
  • It serves as a midquel, being set between the third and fourth films.
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