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In Old Kentucky (1935) Poster.jpg

In Old Kentucky is a 1935 comedy film starring Will Rogers, Dorothy Wilson and Russell Hardie.


Two feuding families decide to settle a dispute with a horse race.


  • Will Rogers as Steve Tapley
  • Dorothy Wilson as Nancy Martingale
  • Russell Hardie as Dr. Lee Andrews
  • Charles Sellon as Ezra Martingale
  • Louise Henry as Arlene Shattuck
  • Esther Dale as Dolly Breckenridge
  • Alan Dinehart as Slick Doherty
  • Charles Richman as Pole Shattuck
  • Etienne Girardot as Pluvius J. Aspinwall
  • John Ince as Sheriff
  • Bill Robinson as Wash Jackson
  • Greyboy the Horse as Greyboy