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Jewel is the deuteragonist of the Rio franchise.

She's Blu's wife, the mother of Carla, Bia, and Tiago and a friend of Nico, Pedro and Rafael.

She's voiced by Anne Hathaway.


Rio (2011)

Jewel meets Blu for the first time when she's in Tulio's observatory and they put him inside to make them mate in order to save the species since they're apparently the last two blue macaws.

Jewel doesn't like Blu at first especially when he tries to kiss her after mistaking her question ("Are you ready?") for a flirt and they soon get kidnapped by a mysterious figure.

Later it's revealed to be a boy named Fernando that it's working for a group of smugglers led by Marcel. Jewel tries to escape but she's caught by Marcel's henchbird, an evil cockatoo named Nigel that brings her back alive to his boss even though he was gonna do the contrary.

Later, Nigel reveals to Blu, Jewel and the other birds in a cage that he intends to have their revenge on all the pretty birds like them because he was once a famous Hollywood star but he got replaced by a pretty bird due to an incident.

Blu and Jewel successfully escapes even though they are forced to escape by walking since Blu can't fly and they're handcuffed together, while they're chased by Nigel that fails to catch them and hits an electricity system accidentally turning off the light of the city and being injured.

One day later, they meet a toucan named Rafael after they get attacked by his children and he takes them to his friend Luiz to free them from their handcuffs.

Rafael tries to teach Blu to fly so they can move better but he fails after they almost die falling. Later they go in a market where they meet Rafael's friends Nico and Pedro that already met Blu before he met Jewel.

After going in a party, the monkeys interrupts the fun as they have been hired by Nigel to take Blu and Jewel for him but, after a battle, they fail and Blu, Jewel, Rafael, Nico and Pedro escapes.

While they're traveling, Blu tries to admit his love for Jewel but he comically coughs.

Later they're freed from the cuffs and Jewel is happy but Blu is sad that they can't be together anymore and they go in an argument that ends with Jewel going away.

However while she's flying she gets captured by Nigel that takes her to Marcel.

Luckily, Blu succeeds to free her and all the birds while they're on the airplane but before they can escape Nigel breaks Jewel's wing and teases her. Tired of him, Blu handcuffs Nigel to a fire extinguisher that takes him out of the plane and causes him to be apparently killed when he gets close to the propellers of the plane. After she kisses him, Blu heals from his fear of flying and finally learns to fly taking Jewel to Linda and Tulio that heal her.

Some days later, Blu and Jewel are now married and they have kids and they sing together "Let me take you to Rio".

Rio 2 (2014)

Sometime after the events of the first film, Blu and Jewel now lives happily alongside their children, Carla, Bia, and Tiago, in an house at Rio. However when they see in TV that Linda and Tulio found other macaws, Jewel decides to go find them helping Linda and Tulio to find them. Accompanied by Rafael, Nico and Pedro, Jewel and her family heads to Amazon.

When they arrive they get captured by some of the blue macaws and Jewel reunites with her father Eduardo. However, during the celebration, Jewel is divided between her love for Blu and her happiness of reuniting with her family since she doesn't how to handle the negligence of them towards her husband despite showing visible concern.

When Blu tries to convince her of going away from Amazon and going back to Rio, however, Jewel refuses since she and the kids like to be there.

Later, after Blu accidentally caused a war between her father and the red macaws, there's a football fight between the two tribes. Blu tries to help them but he fails.

Blu and Jewel go in an argument and he decides to go away but later comes back after regretting his decision and having decided to be with his family and to not surrender.

Afterwards, Jewel reconciles with Blu and she joins her family in the battle against the Smugglers that are trying to destroy the Amazon. Then she takes care of Blu after he almost died after being attacked while he was on a dynamite and the aggressor turns out to be, much to Jewel's shock, Nigel that survived the airplane crash even though he lost his ability to fly and now has to wear an Elizabethan vest to cover his bald zone on the chest. Nigel is apparently dying since he got accidentally hit by a dart covered with poison shot by his henchmen, a female frog named Gabi that is in love with him and a mute anteater names Charlie, in an attempt to kill Blu. Unable to live in a world without her love, Gabi apparently kills herself too with her poison.

However, Bia reveals that Gabi is not poisonous which means that Gabi and Nigel aren't dead. Still alive, Gabi is delighted that she can be with Nigel without killing him and starts to kiss him but Nigel pulls himself up having a mental breakdown trying to kill Blu, Jewel and their kids but he gets dragged away by Gabi that intends to shower him with love against his will promising that she will never let him go away from her, much to Nigel's horror and dismay as he tries to escape her grab even asking help to his enemies. Making a smile to her kids and not caring about Nigel since she's happy about his punishment, Jewel and Blu makes a satisfied gesture and then they fly away ignoring the request of help from Nigel.

After happily observing Nigel getting his karma as he's getting taken back to Rio with Gabi in a tiny cage by Linda and Tulio to be observed as they believe the two have bonded, Jewel celebrates their victory dancing with her family and promising to Blu that they will spends the summers in Rio to which he answers "You're my only and unique Jewel".

Rio 3




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