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Kid's Play was an experimental line-up of DVDs created by 20th Century Studios Home Entertainment that lasted for two years only in Mexico and Brazil, the line-up consisted of some of the companies most-popular "kids" films re-released into a special DVD disc that has an additional layer on it (allowing it to not be damaged) with the films playing immediatley, meaning they are no DVD menus or special features.



  • The way there's no menus or special features on the DVDs could remind you of the VCD and VHS formats.
  • They were more films offered in Mexico than in Brazil (just 3 in total), meaning that it was a success for Mexico atleast but a failure for Brazil.
  • In Brazil, all three films released offered their original soundtrack CDs but in Mexico, certain films came with an activity book.
  • The case of the DVDs are the same cases that educational DVDs used back in the 2000s in the UK (in Brazil, all three films released had their own color for the case, while Mexico uses the green case for all the movies)


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