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King of Burlesque is a 1936 musical film about a former burlesque producer played by Warner Baxter who moves into a legitimate theatre and does very well, until he marries a socialite. Sammy Lee received an Academy Award nomination for the now dead category of Best Dance Direction at the 8th Academy Awards.


Having moved from burlesque shows to big Broadway musicals, producer Kerry Bolton craves prestige. He thinks he's found it when he falls for classy young widow Rosalind Cleve, who reluctantly consents to marry Kerry if he'll pay for the overseas training of her opera-singing sweetheart, Stanley Drake. When a pretentious new show starring Stanley flops, Kerry's former partner, Pat Doran, secretly hatches a plot to restore his fortunes.


  • Warner Baxter as Kerry Bolton
  • Alice Faye as Pat Doran
  • Jack Oakie as Joe Cooney
  • Mona Barrie as Rosalind Cleve
  • Arline Judge as Connie
  • Dixie Dunbar as Marie
  • Gregory Ratoff as Kolpolpeck
  • Herbert Mundin as English Impresario
  • Fats Waller as Ben
  • Nick Long Jr. as Anthony Lamb
  • Kenny Baker as Arthur
  • Charles Quigley as Stanley Drake
  • Paxton Sisters as Specialty Dancers
  • Al Shaw as Lew Henkle (as Shaw)
  • Sam Lee as Gus Keefe (as Lee)
  • Andrew Tombes as Slattery
  • Shirley Deane as Phyllis Sears
  • Harry 'Zoup' Welsh as 'Spud' La Rue (as Harry 'Zoop' Welch)
  • Claudia Coleman as Belle Weaver
  • Ellen Lowe as Miss Meredith (as Ellen E. Lowe)
  • Herbert Ashley as Jake - Bolton's Chauffeur
  • Jerry Mandy as Frankie
  • Keye Luke as Wong
  • Gareth Joplin as Speedy - the Bootblack
  • Lynn Bari as Dancer (Uncredited)
  • Cyril Ring as Auctioneer's Assistant (uncredited)
  • Marjorie Weaver as Dancer (uncredited)
  • Jane Wyman as Dancer (Uncredited)