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"La Borinqueña" is a song that is featured in the 2021 live-action feature film, West Side Story. In the song, Bernardo (David Alvarez) reacts to having the police order him out of a junkyard by singing this official anthem. He is joined by the other members of the Sharks, while Lieutenant Schrank (Corey Stoll) threatens him with jail. The largely Latin crowd on the sidewalk applauds Bernardo for his show of defiance.


¡Despierta Borinqueño
Que han dado la señal!
¡Despierta de ese sueño
Que es hora de luchar!

A ese llamar patriótico
¿no arde tu corazón?

¡Ven! nos será simpático
El ruido de cañón

Nosotros queremos la libertad
Nuestros machetes nos la dará

Vámonos borinqueño, vámonos ya
Que nos espera ansiosa
Ansiosa la libertad

¡La libertad, la libertad!

Arise, boricua!
The call to arms has sounded!
Awake from the slumber
It is time to fight!

Doesn't this patriotic call
Set your heart alight?

Come! We are in tune with
The roar of the cannon

We want freedom
Our machetes will give it to us

Come, Boricuas, come now
Since freedom
Awaits us anxiously

Freedom, freedom!

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