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Manny's unnamed original wife is a pivotal background character of the popular Ice Age franchise. She was a female Mammoth and Manny's wife, they had a son togheter but she and her son were both killed by an human tribù.

She's a flashback important character in the first film, a mentioned character in the second film and an indirectly mentioned character in Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs and Ice Age: Continental Drift.


She was born from a couple of mammoths. At some point of her life she met and fall in love with a male mammoth named Manfred. They got married and had a son, which they loved very much.

Obe day while they were playing with their son, he got chased by an human tribù, Manny tried to defend his wife and his son from the humans but they got killed by the humans causing to Manny a big trauma and devastation which eventually gave him PTSD and maked him grumpy and mean to everyone.

Ice Age

She appears in a flashback of Manny in form of artwork of a cave where it's revealed of she and her son died. Manny touches his son's draw still devastated from that event and warms up to his new friends: a ground sloth named Sid and Diego.

Ice Age: The Meltdown

Despite she don't appear in any flashback, she has a big role in the movie as she's the reason why Manny is afraid to have a new family with Ellie both fearing to disrespect his old family and to live the same tragic event that caused his wife's death, her death still torments Manny and he finally accepts her death at the end of the movie becoming Ellie's husband.

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

She's indirectly mentioned in the while movie as Manny is overprotective towards Ellie and their imminent son showing that he still haven't been healed from his PTSD and he's still afraid for his new family to have the same fate of his original one.

Ice Age: Continental Drift

She's indirectly mentioned while Manny is overprotective towards both Ellie and Peaches.

Towards the end of the movie, when Manny, Sid, Diego and Granny founds the land bridge destroyed they believe Ellie and Peaches died, Manny desperately calls out for Ellie and Peaches fearing to have lost his family again, then he believes Ellie and Peaches died and he closes his eyes in pain thinking that he failed from preventing that tragic event to happen again and probably thinks about her and their son, however Ellie and Peaches reveals to be alive despite being captured from Gutt, Manny rescues them and later they get reunite as Manny says that she's not his little girl anymore probably thinking that he succeeded in his second chance.


  • Despite she hasn't appeared phsycally and her name is unknown for now, she has an important role in all the movies and her influence on Manny is seen in almost all the movies, despite Manny never mentions her name he still shows that he's still devastated for her death showing that he deeply loved her and he's afraid to let the same thing happen to Ellie or Peaches.