Marcy Kappel is the tritagonist of Spies in Disguise. She is a skilled security forces agent who mostly pursues Lance Sterling throughout the majority of the movie after Lance was framed for betraying the US government.


Physical Appearance

Marcy is an average-height middle-aged woman with dark brown hair, green eyes, and thick eyebrows.

In her casual outfit, Marcy wears a green long-sleeved collard shirt, black jacket, and black pants.

Whenever she is out in the field with her fellow agents, Marcy wears a skin-tight gray and blue shirt and pants.


According to her voice actress, Marcy has a strict code of following every rule as well as being no-nonsense and straight forward. Although appearing strict and stern on the outside, Marcy is actually nice and compassionate deep down; this is evident during her mission at Venice where she conforted Walter after revealing to him that his mother sacrificed herself trying to protect her people.

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