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Nancy Steele Is Missing! is a 1937 American drama film directed by George Marshall and Otto Preminger and starring Victor McLaglen, Walter Connolly and Peter Lorre.

The film's sets were designed by the British art director Hans Peters.


After being in jail for seventeen years a crook is met by the girl he kidnapped as a baby. She now thinks he's her father. When he returns her to her real father there's a job and a reward, but an old prisonmate gets in the way.


  • Victor McLaglen as Dannie O'Neill
  • Walter Connolly as Michael Steele
  • Peter Lorre as Prof. Sturm
  • June Lang as Sheila O'Neill - aka Nancy Steele
  • Robert Kent as Jimmie Wilson
  • Shirley Deane as Nancy
  • John Carradine as Harry Wilkins
  • Jane Darwell as Mrs. Mary Flaherty
  • Frank Conroy as Dan Mallon
  • Granville Bates as Joseph F.X. Flaherty
  • George Taylor as Gus Crowder
  • Kane Richmond as Tom - Steele's Chauffeur
  • Margaret Fielding as Miss Hunt
  • DeWitt Jennings as Doctor on Farm
  • George Chandler as Counter Clerk
  • George Humbert as Giuseppe Spano
  • Bob Murphy as Detective with Cigar
  • Edgar Dearing as Detective Flynn