Nigel  è il principale antagonista del franchise di Rio.

He's the main antagonist of Rio and the central antagonist Rio 2.


Nigel is greedy, arrogant, and treacherous. He is an intelligent, manipulative, malevolent, cunning, and vengeful cockatoo who exhibited highly antisocial behavior. He almost breaks the fourth wall as he clearly enjoys the fact that he is a villain and states it when he topples over and outranks Big Boss as he says "No one steals MY scene!"

He is very violent, dangerous, and destructive, constantly seen using physical force to injure or terrorize other characters. For instance, Nigel threatened to give Mauro and his subordinates "flying lessons" in order to coerce the monkeys into helping him find Blu and Jewel. After the battle in the samba club, Nigel arrived at the scene and terrorized another bird into telling him where the blue macaws went by threatening to "pop" or "crack" her head.

He is also extremely cruel, sadistic, and egotistical, often taking great joy and pleasure in others' suffering. For example, he was shown in the smugglers' lair to terrorize the captured birds, and he later ridiculed Jewel when her wing was injured. In both situations, he laughed maniacally in response to seeing his victims' fear and injury.

He is also very unsympathetic and ruthless; he shows no pity or mercy to his victims and enemies, and holds no remorse for his evil deeds.

However, in the second film, he is more comedic and more focused on acting and his performance. In fact, when he gets to the island, he doesn't even acknowledge Blu's presence when he walks near and he doesn't interact with Blu until the last-minute fight.

Role in the film


Nigel viene visto per la prima volta come un "paziente" nella voliera di Tulio. Tuttavia, la sua malattia è rapidamente rivelata essere una copertura; quella notte, inganna una guardia a prenderlo fingendo di essere ferito, poi lo mette fuori combattimento con uno straccio imbevuto di cloroformio e la ruba le chiavi. Quindi lascia entrare Fernando e ruba Blu e Jewel e li porta al nascondiglio di Marcel. Quando Jewel cerca di scappare, Nigel la blocca e inizia a soffocarla, schernendola chiedendole: "Che succede? Cockatoo ti ha preso la gola?". Tuttavia, Marcel gli ordina di riportarla indietro viva, così il cacatua la riporta nella gabbia. Dopo che Blu e Jewel vengono rinchiusi, Nigel va da loro e spiega le motivazioni della sua natura malvagia attraverso la canzone "Pretty Bird",

Later, Nigel hears the macaws trying to escape and tries to stop them. The chase leads into the slums of Rio de Janeiro, where Nigel collides with an electrical transformer, blacking out the whole city of Rio in the process. After recovering, Nigel heads back to the smugglers' hideout.

Nigel is sent by Marcel to retrieve Blu and Jewel, while Marcel and the other smugglers (Tipa and Armando) plan to use the Carnival show to hide the smuggling of the birds to get to the nearest airport.

Nigel hires a group of mischievous marmosets to help him catch Blu and Jewel, in doing so, he abuses their leader Mauro, and threatens to give them "flying lessons" if they do not find them by the end of the day.

Mauro and his henchmen manage to find Blu and Jewel, but they get into a battle with the Samba Club birds and they fail to capture them. When Nigel arrives at the place where the battle had been he finds a green bird and asks her a question on the whereabouts of the Blue Macaws. Nigel then abuses Mauro for his failure, then goes after Blu and Jewel himself. He eventually captures Jewel and uses her as bait to lure in Blu and his best friends. The plan works and he locks them all in cages.

After the captives are loaded into the smugglers' plane, the plane takes off. But, Blu later manages to free himself and all the other birds, letting them escape out of the plane. However, as Blu tries to get over his fear of flying, Nigel attacks Blu, pins him and attempts to strangle him. Jewel tries to help, but Nigel throws her aside, causing a cage to fall on Jewel's wing, injuring it. Nigel darkly mocks the macaws, but an angered Blu manages to hook a fire extinguisher onto the cockatoo's foot and sets it off. Nigel is blasted out of the plane and manages to get the extinguisher off. However, a propeller flies at him, seemingly killing him and eventually causing the plane to fall. Blu finally learns how to fly, and escapes the crashing plane with Jewel. Marcel and the smugglers escape the plane as well.

Some time later, Nigel is revealed to have survived, but has lost most of his feathers and is humiliated by a "photo finish" by Mauro as payback for his abuse against him and the other marmosets earlier.

Rio 2

Nigel ritorna nel secondo film come l'antagonista centrale.

A few years after the first film, Nigel, who suffered the most undignified of indignities (defeated by what he calls "the pretty birds" and losing his feathers in the process), is back. However, he now flies like a chicken and wears an Elizabethan vest (which hides a large bald patch on his chest) due to his previous accident. Shortly after the plane crash at the end of the first film, he was found by humans, taken into a veterinary surgery and operated on. The head surgeon commented that "he'll live, but he'll never fly again". After that, Nigel began working as a fortune-teller's assistant at a third-rate street fair. Nigel is at the lowest point in his life and he isn't happy about it at all.

When Nigel sees the blue birds that have caused him so much misery, he seeks vengeance. He follows them to the Amazon and is now hungry for payback. Along the way he liberates a big mute anteater called Charlie and a poison dart frog named Gabi from the street-fair. He enlists them as his minions and together they track Blu and Jewel to the Amazon and plan Nigel's revenge.

Nigel's predominant passions are Shakespeare, evil, alliteration, revenge, and attention. For Nigel, revenge is a dish best served cold, and with lots of blood-stained feathers.

Nigel's dreams of show business glory take flight in a particularly telling moment. As he prepares to deal with Blu once and for all, Nigel ends up taking center stage, in disguise, at the auditions overseen by Nico, Pedro and Rafael. Nigel comes up with an act, on the fly, which sparks his inner artist. He goes under the name of Bob the bird to avoid the suspicion of Nico, Pedro and Rafael as they point out that he looked familiar to them.

He uses his new found attention to his advantage as he wins the audition, and plots to kill Blu with a poisonous dart, using a porcupine quill as a dart, Gabi's venom for poison and Charlie's long snout to fire the dart.

La sua esibizione viene annullata, poiché i taglialegna attaccano la giungla e inizia una battaglia tra i taglialegna e gli animali della giungla. Durante la battaglia, Nigel tenta di sparare a Blu con il dardo avvelenato, ma fallisce. Quando Blu rimuove una cinghia di tritolo acceso da un sito di alberi designati da demolire, Nigel impedisce a Big Boss, il taglialegna, di fermarlo, desiderando Blu per sé. Mentre Blu fa volare il TNT in aria, Nigel lo afferra e lo attacca, rivelandosi a Blu proprio mentre il TNT esplode. Tuttavia, sia Nigel che Blu sopravvivono all'esplosione e finiscono ingarbugliati tra i rampicanti, sottosopra e privi di sensi. Quando entrambi riprendono conoscenza, Nigel attacca Blu e litigano con le piume. Gabi e Charlie cercano di aiutare Nigel sparando a Blu con un altro dardo avvelenato, ma colpisce accidentalmente Nigel. Nigel, pensando che sta per morire, pronuncia un discorso elisabettiano sulla morte, poi apparentemente muore e cade da un ramo al suolo sottostante. Gabi, pensando di aver ucciso Nigel e non volendo vivere senza di lui, beve una goccia del suo stesso veleno e presumibilmente muore. Tuttavia, viene rivelato che Gabi non è affatto velenosa, ma era convinta che fosse da bambina. Nigel, ancora vivo, cerca di attaccare Blu e Jewel ma Gabi trascina via Nigel e lo inonda di affetto against la sua volontà.

Gabi also marries him off screen against his will and most likely she does that while she's still holding him from escaping.

Nigel and Gabi are later captured by Linda and Tulio, and taken back to Rio to be observed as Tulio believes they have "bounded".

Gabi is happy to hear the news as she believes it a "honey moon at Rio" and hugs Nigel while the latter reacts with dismay and frustation. Linda and Tulio enter in the helicopter and take the duo to Rio.

Al momento non si sa cosa sia successo a Nigel dopo questo.


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