One Wild Night is a 1938 American comedy film directed by Eugene Forde and written by Charles Belden and Jerome Cady. The film stars June Lang, Dick Baldwin,Lyle Talbot, J. Edward Bromberg, Sidney Toler and Andrew Tombes. The film was released on June 10, 1938, by 20th Century Fox.


When four men disappear after withdrawing large sums from the same bank, crime student and son of the police chief (Baldwin) and newspaper reporter (Lang) try to uncover a possible extortion ring.


  • June Lang as Gale Gibson aka Jennifer Jewel
  • Dick Baldwin as Jimmy Nolan
  • Lyle Talbot as Singer Martin
  • J. Edward Bromberg as Norman
  • Sidney Toler as Lawton
  • Andrew Tombes as Police Chief William Nolan
  • William Demarest as Editor Collins
  • Romaine Callender as Ogden Hepple
  • Jan Duggan as Mrs. Halliday
  • Spencer Charters as Lem Halliday
  • Harlan Briggs as Mayor
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