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"That kind of reaction used to hurt. I thought i was a freak. But then i realized that my enormous brain made me the smartest creature alive! But you know what? The joke's on you cause my brain, the thing that everyone ridicules, is the thing that it's going to get me my revenge! I will rule on everyone under the ice! Not even you can stop me this time, Buckminster!"

~ Orson explaining his motivations and his intentions to Buck, Crash and Eddie ~

Orson is the main antagonist of 2022 20th Century Fox Television film The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild. He's a talking Protoceratops that wants to rule the Dinosaur World and manipulates some velociraptors with fire into becoming his minions. He's one of Buck's sworn enemies and wants revenge for banishing him time ago.



Orson was born from two unknown Triceratops and was looked down from his own kind for being a midget. That would make him have a superiority complex that would led him to be better. Buck decided to make a team and that the Lost World would be a place for both mammals and dinosaurs (presumably changing his mind sometime after destroying the bridge). Orson, due to his low opinion on mammals, didn't like this and when Buck offered him to join his team he would refuse and started cause chaos in the Dinosaur World swearing that he would rule the Dinosaur World starting a reign of terror on all of the dinosaurs after killing Buck. He created a trap for Buck's team and he killed them all except Buck and Zee. The duo banished him at the Lava Falls where they hoped that remaining alone for a long time he would have felt remorse for his actions but he only became more evil and cruel.

Right after Ice Age: Collision Course and one month before the movie, Orson was attacked by some Velociraptors that wanted to eat him but he created fire while trying to escape which fascinated them. Discovering that they liked fire, Orson uses it to control the Raptors (he needs to start fire with a rock on his hand every time 3 hours or they would attack him again) and with their help he finally escaped.

The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild

Orson first appears in the dark as he orders his Raptors to eat Crash and Eddie while the two opossums were gonna enter the Lost World after visiting it years ago and they wanted to live a life of adventures with Buck. However, Buck saves them and his Raptors are thrown away when they try to get on the pteranodon they were riding, Penelope.

Orson later closes the door of Buck's cave with a giant rock and starts explaining his plan and that the Lost World should be only for lost creatures like dinosaurs and that he plans to use his new army to rule the Dinosaur World. The Raptors comes back and try to eat Crash and Eddie but Buck saves them and they escape using Penelope.

Later, Orson succeeds to knock off Buck but Crash, Eddie and Zee saves him and they all escape from the cave to find Momma T-Rex so she can help them in the battle while Orson recruits more Raptors after realizing that his three main minions aren't enough.

Orson meets Buck again and easily defeats him and his friends due to the fact that Momma T-Rex got accidentally confused and was unable to fight. Buck gives himself to Orson as a prisoner so that Zee, Crash and Eddie can escape, much to Orson's delight as he believes to have won.

Orson locks Buck in a wood cage and prepares to execute him in front of everyone by feeding him to his Raptors but he's saved by Zee, Crash and Eddie. Orson fights with Buck and uses fire once again to keep the Raptors under his control ordering them to kill Buck and his friends but Crash and Eddie manages to make fire which allows them to control the Raptors temporarily.

Shocked that he's been defeated, Orson gets caught by Penelope that throws him at Momma T-Rex that throws him away as well. He lands and he's happy he survived the fall until some mammals that have a resort in the Lost World that he and his Raptors previously hunted for being mammals hours ago comes back to beat him up.

Crash sends the three Raptors to eat their own boss. Orson runs away as he proceed to try to wake them up from the control of the opossums but they continue to chase him as he presumably tries to find more fire to control them again.

It's currently unknown what happened to Orson afterwards; he could have escaped successfully, managed to control again the Raptors or he was caught and thus eaten.


Orson is evil, narcissistic, power-hungry, megalomaniac, murderous and irritable. He also hates the mammals which makes him xenophobe. He seems to have a Napoleon complex due to his temperamental personality and desire of ruling the Dinosaur World. Orson seems to be an abusive leader as he treats his Raptors like slaves instead of allies as he rides one of them. This can be caused by the fact that he's smarter than all the dinosaurs of the lost world due to his ability to talk. Despite his dislike for the mammals, he seems to respect Buck enough to understand that he wouldn't be able to defeat him alone.


  • He met Buck and was exiled some months after Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs and sixteen years before Ice Age: Continental Drift and Ice Age: Collision Course. This means he was banished for sixteen years. How did he manage to stay alive during that time is unknown but it's likely that he found some food and water in the Lava Island, making him able to survive during his permanence there.
  • If Orson ever met Rudy is currently unknown, due to the latter being Buck's archenemy and obsession.
  • He is similar to Ripto from Spyro.
    • Both are reddish dinosaurs with small height, angry and domineering behavior.
    • Both hate other races. (Orson: Mammals, Ripto: Dragons)
    • Both have minions. (Orson: Raptors, Ripto: His Riptoc armies, Crush and Gulp)
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