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Passport Husband is a 1938 American comedy film directed by James Tinling and written by Karen DeWolf and Robert Chapin. The film stars Stuart Erwin, Pauline Moore, Douglas Fowley, Joan Woodbury, Robert Lowery and Harold Huber. The film was released on July 15, 1938, by 20th Century Fox.


A meek, young waiter falls for the charms of a voluptuous nightclub dancer who is a gangster's ex-girlfriend.


  • Stuart Erwin as Henry Cabot
  • Pauline Moore as Mary Jane Clayton
  • Douglas Fowley as Tiger Martin
  • Joan Woodbury as Conchita Montez
  • Robert Lowery as Ted Markson
  • Harold Huber as Blackie Bennet
  • Edward Brophy as Spike
  • Paul McVey as H.C. Walton
  • Lon Chaney, Jr. as Bull
  • Joe Sawyer as Duke Selton