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Power Rangers is a long running kids Action Adventure Science Fiction TV Show produced by Saban since 1993 and adapted from super Sentai . 20th Century Fox Made two films MMPR The Movie And Power Rangers Turbo Movie

The Series was introduced in Fall and end of summer 1993 its first 10 seasons premiered on Fox Kids second half of season 10 moved to ABC (American Broadcasting Company) in 2002, in 2011 Nickelodeon decided to air the show staring with Power Rangers Samurai.

in 2003 the series filming moved from Los Angeles to New Zealand. in early 2014 the show decided to adapt the super sentai series Zyuden Sentai Kyororger as Power Rangers Dino charge to air when Super Megaforce ends instead of Go Busters which will later Become Power Rangers Beast Morphers in 2019 Toys are made by Bandai now by Hasbro. In 2017 lions gate made a A New Power Rangers Movie a reboot of the original series.

20th Century Fox planned to make a Power Rangers Movie From the 9th season Power Rangers Time Force But it was cancelled before time force premiered on February 3rd 2001. However 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment released All 19  Power Rangers VHS tapes MMPR TO Time Force Except Power Rangers Wild Force. It Was Also Released By Fox Kids Video.

the last 2 power rangers videos released by 20th Century Fox was Power Rangers Time Force Quantum Ranger * Power Rangers Time Force Photo Finish Clash For Control. Spin Offs Big Bad Bettleborgs Vr troopers Masked rider

Table top Spin Off

In late 2017 it had a spin off called Power Rangers Hyperforce it is a table top series about 5 rangers meet a 36-year Old Jen Scott's She was 191/2 years old during Power Rangers Time Force. She is a mentor of the hyperforce Rangers. And the pink ranger

Top 10 Power Rangers Characters Jason Lee Scott a 17 year old becomes the original red ranger Sarah Thompson ninja steel pink she is 18 years of age was born in 1999 in Silver Hills and Wesley Collins former neighbor. Jen Scots is the pink Time Force Ranger she is the only pink ranger to be a team leader she is a 19 1/2 futuristic warrior along with Lucas Kendall Trip And katie walker as part of tf officers of 3000

Tommy Oliver

Leo Corbet the red galaxy ranger Wesley Collins the red Time Force ranger Gia Moran the yellow mega force ranger a 17 1/2 year old born in angel grove in 1995 Shelby Watkins the pink Dino charge ranger and is the first African American Pink Power Ranger she was born in mariner bay in 1997 she is a former neighbor of Kelsey Winslow the yellow Lightspeed ranger Adam park the black ranger

Video games top 3 Power Rangers Time Force the game Released for game boy color game boy advance PlayStation 1 and PC Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Mega Battle DLC game released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox one in 2017 Power Rangers Samurai released for Nintendo wii and Nintendo ds PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions were planned but were scrapped

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