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Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth is an aged, eccentric, yet accomplished inventor, founder and owner Planet Express and an honorary Globetrotter. He is crotchety, absent-minded and sometimes brilliant, most well known for his work in 30th century robotics. In 2999, he was the last known relative of Philip J. Fry. Later Professor Farnsworth discovered that he had fathered a son, as well as the clone that he had kept hidden. In addition, he also serves as a tenured professor at Mars University teaching the Mathematics of Quantum Neutrino Fields. Farnsworth is an inventor of both useful and impractical things, some of which are extremely dangerous, such as his Doomsday devices.

Personality-wise, he varies from callous disregard to sentimental affection. He has no objection to sending his crew on missions which may eventually kill them, and has sent previous crews to their deaths before. (At times, he even seems eager to send crews on life-threatening missions.) Farnsworth is the oldest living member of the Academy of Inventors, where he often competes with his nemesis, Dr. Ogden Wernstrom.

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