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Roger was a Dino-Bird that is a part of a family of dino-birds. This family had the ability of flight, often traveling in the skies. He has a special ability of strong eyesight, but sometimes lies about how far he can see or what he can see in order to avoid conflict. Roger may be the smartest member of his family, but he is a disappointment to his dad, who expects him to be as excited as his sister about his farfetched plan to get rid of Buck and take over the Ice Age World. He is a secondary antagonist-turned-supporting character of Ice Age: Collision Course.


Hatched to Gavin and his wife, Roger was the youngest of him and his sister, Gertie. Roger has incredible eyesight which he inherited from his mother.

"It's a good thing you got your mother's eyes, or you'd be totally useless!

Well, that's just hurtful."

―Roger's strained relationship with his father, Gavin[src]

Stealing an Egg

Gavin and his children all made a living out of stealing other dinosaur eggs. One day in the Dinosaur World, they stole a triceratops egg from a Mother Triceratops. The did this by having Gertie fly in and snatch the egg, while Roger and Gavin flew around the triceratops. Gertie, celebrating her victory began to gloat towards Roger asking him how many eggs he had stolen so far. Roger asked if they can turn out to be vegetarians, instead of stealing dinosaur eggs. Gertie explained that they can eat vegetarians, instead, while tossing the egg back towards her brother. Roger struggled to keep hold of it, until Gavin swooped in and caught the egg, securing it. Gavin explained to Roger that sometimes he wondered how Roger managed to be apart of the family, suggesting that he was a screw up. Suddenly, the three heard Buck, an adventurous and crazy weasel, who happened to be taking a shower near by. Gavin, annoyed at the weasel's presence, he threw the egg back to Roger and the family took off. Buck reassured the triceratops that he would get the egg back. Therefore, he jumped after the Dino birds. He threw gases in Gavin and Gertie's faces. He then jumped on Roger, plucked a feather off of him, tickled him with it for him to let go of the egg, while singing The Marriage of Figaro (Buck Version). Gavin stole the egg but Buck got it out of his mouth, and hid in a tiny cave, with Gavin trying to get in. He slid down the other end of the cave and feel down to the ground.


Gavin is a brave, tough, valiant, and courageous dino-bird who loves his children. However, his unsparing and ruthless nature often keeps him from thinking clearly as he was more concerned on getting revenge on Buck than helping the herd stop the asteroid. However, with some convincing from his children, Gavin spares the weasel's life, so they could save the planet.



  • Despite the fact he is named “Gavin” in the film's promotion and in the credits his name is never said in the film.
  • Unlike Soto, Cretaceous and Maelstrom, Rudy, and Captain Gutt, the main antagonists of the first four Ice Age movies, Gavin never interacted with Manny, Sid, or Diego, the franchise's three main protagonists.
  • Gavin is the second main Ice Age movie antagonist who does not die at the end of his movie, behind Rudy, or the third if Gutt survived his ordeal with the sirens.
  • Gavin is the fifth main antagonist of a Blue Sky movie who doesn't die at the end of his film, after Sour Kangaroo from Horton Hears A Who!, Rudy, and Nigel from Rio.
  • Gavin is also the fourth main antagonist of a Blue Sky movie to be a parent after Madame Gasket in Robots, Sour Kangaroo, and Mandrake in Epic.
  • Gavin is the first main Ice Age movie antagonist who redeems himself.
    • He is also the second main antagonist of the Blue Sky film who redeems himself after Sour Kangaroo.
  • Gavin is the third Ice Age villain who can fly, behind The Lone Gunslinger and Silas, one of Gutt's henchmen.
  • Gavin's voice actor, Nick Offerman was co-stars with Aziz Ansari, who voiced Squint, another one of Gutt's henchmen from, on Parks and Recreation.
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