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Rose Dawson Calvert (née DeWitt Bukater, born April 5, 1895) is the protagonist in the film Titanic. She is a socialite who had a planned arranged marriage with her demanding ex-fiancé Cal Hockley under the request of her mother Ruth DeWitt Bukater, simply for the wealth. She is also the love interest of Jack Dawson and widow of Mr. Calvert. In the film, she is portrayed by two actresses, Kate Winslet portrays a young Rose while Gloria Stuart portrays an elderly Rose.


Rose was very pessimistic about her life due to the first-class life she was being pulled into by Cal and Ruth. She had also convinced herself that committing suicide by jumping off of the ship was the only way to save herself from her torturous first-class life.

She was also polite (most of the time; there were a few incidents in which she refused to be polite), mainly because she was forced to be. She was very intelligent and well-educated. She was also very passionate.

Rose also wasn't afraid to get violent as shown when she ruthlessly broke a man's nose with a single punch when he wouldn't let her go save Jack and when she forcefully pushed a man against the wall and ordered him to take her down.

Rose was incredibly brave and was an extremely talented actress. During her elderly life, Rose began to forget certain things. However, she still was the same kind-hearted woman that she used to be.

She could hardly walk, too. She did very little of it and was often wheeled around in a wheelchair.


Rose has a head full of long and wavy hair that is a chestnut-ginger, a fair-skinned complexion, blue eyes with full lashes, full pink lips, and perfect eyebrows. She also has a slender but curvaceous figure such as being well-endowed in the bust.

The first dress Rose appears in is a cream wool jacket with purple velvet trim (US size 4); a black silk charmeuse tie; a cream cotton shirt with lace trim (US size 6); and a cream wool skirt (US size 4). Also included are four extra covered buttons attached to the jacket's inner tag.

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