Safety in Numbers is a 1938 American comedy film directed by Malcolm St. Clair and starring Jed Prouty, Shirley Deane and Spring Byington. It was part of Twentieth Century Fox's Jones Family series.


The Jones family patriarch, also mayor (Prouty), is swindled into thinking the town swamp is a rich mineral deposit.


  • Jed Prouty as John Jones
  • Shirley Deane as Bonnie Thompson
  • Spring Byington as Mrs. John Jones
  • Russell Gleason as Herbert Thompson
  • Kenneth Howell as Jack Jones
  • George Ernest as Roger Jones
  • June Carlson as Lucy Jones
  • Florence Roberts as Granny Jones
  • Billy Mahan as Bobby Jones
  • Marvin Stephens as Tommy McGuire
  • Iva Stewart as Toni Stewart
  • Helen Freeman as Mrs. Stewart
  • Henry Kolker as Dr. Lawrence Edmonds
  • Paul McVey as Mr. Hensley
  • Bruce Warren as Morley
  • Edward Earle as Sloane
  • Wilfred Lucas as Councilman
  • Harrison Greene as Councilman
  • Raymond Brown as Councilman Benedict
  • Dave Morris as Postman
  • Ruth Clifford as Mrs. Hensley
  • Robert Lowery as Harry
  • Fred Kelsey as Cop
  • Floyd Criswell as Motor Cop
  • Frank Meredith as Motor Cop
  • Hal K. Dawson as Cameraman
  • Carroll Nye as Larsen
  • Frances Morris as Waitress
  • Edwin August as Customer
  • Billy Griffith as Mourner / Customer
  • Syd Saylor as Guard
  • Cy Kendall as Chief of Police
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