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Scrat is the overarching protagonist of the Ice Age franchise. He's a a crazy and goofy saber tooth squirrel that always tries to hide his acorn for the winter only to finish in troubles.

He's a supporting character in Ice Age, a recurring character in Ice Age: The Meltdown and Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs and the pivotal character of Ice Age: Continental Drift and Ice Age: Collision Course. He's the main protagonist of his own short films Gone Nutty, No Time for Nuts, Scrat's Continental Crack-up: Part 2, Cosmic Scrat-tastrophe and Scrat: Spaced Out and he will be soon be the titular protagonist of his own show Ice Age: Scrat Tales.


Scrat is a squirrel who is totally obsessed with acorns, however he never manages to achieve one and instead causes himself massive physical pain. Scrat is also responsible for several important occurrences in the Paleolithic ice age such as Pangea and the formation of Death Valley. Scrat's desire for acorns has proven to be very self-destructive, and to everyone around him, even destroying an entire civilization of Scratlantis.


Ice Age[]

Scrat is first seen trying to bury his acorn for the winter but he causes two glaciers to close, luckily he successfully escapes and lands in another place.

There he's stepped on by two mammoths, a rhino, a dodo and then by a male Macrauchenia, then he remains stuck under the foot of the latter that steps on him at anytime he lands his foot to the ground while she walks, much to Scrat's frustration.

Later, off-screen, he eventually gets off of under the Macrauchenia's foot and escapes from the migration finding a place where he could hide his acorn while it's raining. unluckily he gets zapped by a thunder, much to his dismay.

Scrat migrates and successfully stores his acorn in an hallowed tree until he finds a ground sloth named Sid looking for a midnight snack, he reaches the three inside and take the acorn but before he can eat it Scrat attacks him and leaves the scene shaking his fist to Sid.

Later, off-screen, he sees a pack of sabretooth tigers passing by and continues to try to hide his acorn.

Then Scrat goes further North where he met Sid once again, toting an human baby named Roshan and accomplished by a mammoth named Manny and a sabretooth named Diego. Manny asks Scrat if he saw any humans passing there but Scrat didn't see any humans and, unable to talk, tries to mimate that he saw sabretooth tigers passing there but Manny and Sid don't understand what Scrat is referring to so he points at Diego but he's smacked away and finish in a slide gaining so much snow that he become a giant snowball that later strikes down Sid.

Later Scrat goes further north where he finds an ice cavern and finishes in an ice slide. After having left the slide Scrat buries his acorn in a wall but he sees Sid once again as he's about to strike him down. Scrat tries to take his acorn out but he can't and he's forced into the ice by Sid, Diego, Manny and Roshan as the latters crashed into him, this caused the ice wall to be reduced in snow that covered all of them. Scrat emerged from the snow and mistaken a draw for his acorn thus knocking his head and losing his senses.

After having woke up and having found his way out of the cave, Scrat goes forward North and finds a cave close to Half Peak where the same mammals that asked him directions are sleeping. He tries to melt his frozen acorn but it turns into a popcorn, much to Scrat's dismay.

Years later, out of screen, Scrat chases his acorn until they both fell in a cold lake where they remains frozen in an ice cube for 20,000 years.

In the future he finally gets melted but he loses his acorn and replaces it with a coconut. Then he buries it but it causes a volcano to erupt, much to Scrat's horror.

Gone Nutty[]

After the events of the first film & before he froze for 20,000 years, Scrat finds a new place where he can bury his acorn.

Then he finds a huge three full of acorns and tries to bury his acorn there but it shuts down and accidentally causes him and all three acorns to spit out as they fall with him.

It accommodates all the acorns as it falls creating a giant ball of acorns, but then remembers them that he's falling and tries to escape only to fall.

Then he gets hit by his own acorn and this causes the place where he is to frak and ends up in a piece of land that drifts away, much to his sadness.

Scrat then he takes out his acorn but it disintegrates in his hands and he uses the top part as a hat.

No Time for Nuts[]

In this non canon short film Scrat finds a time machine and travels in time. At the end it breaks and he remains stuck in the future without his acorn.

Ice Age: The Meltdown[]

After that he's arrived at a continent, Scrat is now climbing into a glacier in search of a new acorn and finds it stuck on a wall.

However after taking it out of there the water coming out of there makes him fall in a waterpark.

Scrat walks on frozen ground looking for her acorn and he finds it under the ice in the water, she tries to catch it but ends up with a lump of ice under her neck as the acorn falls again.

He later uses a stick to get to the other side where his acorn is but the stick is too short and he falls in the water.

After Scrat use one of the water park slides to catch the acorn. Although he manages to grab it, he is chased by piranhas until one of them tries to eat his acorn, then Scrat uses kung fu moves on them and takes his acorn back only to have it stolen by a mother vulture.

Later he goes to the nest where his acorn and prepares to run away with it but an egg opens and a small vulture comes out. The baby wants the acorn and he fights with Scrat for it until the momma arrives and she kicks Scrat out of the nest.

The next day, Scrat goes to the nest again and grabs its acorn only to see the baby fly away with its mom and put its finger down its throat suggesting that Scrat is going to die. In fact the dig breaks down and Scrat is swept away by the water while he is still holding the acorn and still in the nest.

Later Scrat comes out of the nest and accidentally breaks a glacier by putting his acorn in it and he accidentally makes the water go away saving everyone and apparently dying in the process as he's dragged away by the water while he falls.

At the end, Scrat he is having a near-death experience while in the afterlife and sees acorns everywhere. As he is about to touch the big one, he is revived by Sid with C.P.R., realizing that he can't touch the giant acorn in any way. Scrat attacks Sid and starts chasing him.

Surviving Sid[]

In the opening credits Scrat is seen shaking his fist at Sid as he sees that the short isn't focusing on him but is slapped by the sloth.

He is later confronted in the actual short where he accidentally scares Sid and the children as his shadow makes him look like a monster. It is then revealed that he was suffocating after he swallowed his whole acorn and spits it out. However a bug steals the acorn and he's then seen chasing the bug to get the acorn back.

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs[]

Scrat he is still looking for his acorn and finds it a cliff. Once Scrat gets there he discovers that it was stolen by a female saber-toothed squirrel named Scratte.

Though he initially falls in love with her, he snaps to his senses when he finds out she stole the acorn and tries to get it back only to be sorry when she fakes to cry. Then Scrat he makes her touch the acorn but still refuses to give it to her and accidentally makes her fall from the cliff.

Shocked, Scrat jumps off the cliff and tries to save her only to find that Scratte is a flying squirrel and flies off stealing the acorn leaving Scrat falling.

After getting back up after falling, Scrat gets trampled by Manny, by two opossum twins named Crash and Eddie and then by Sid, then Scrat lands on Sid's head and starts attacking him as he runs until he falls with his group.

Scrat later battles Scratte again and they end up in bubbles until Scrat defeats her. However the bubble popped and he and the acorn fell down in an underground world populated by dinosaurs.

The liquid from the bubble is sticky and Scrat gets stuck in a three until he moves with it still stuck on his back and gets his acorn by sticking it on his chest. However Scratte arrives and steals his acorn by pulling it off his chest by ripping the fur off that part making him scream in pain.

Later that night, Scrat and Scratte dance together to get the acorn and it ends with Scrat holding a wall to not fall in the lava holding both Scratte and the acorn.

She later saves both Scratte and the acorn but then falls in love with spirit her and leaves the acorn kissing her.

However, he later regrets his choice as Scratte treats him badly almost like a slave. Then Scrat decides to go back to his acorn only to be caught by Scratte and they both get stuck on a flying piece of dirt as they both reach for the acorn. Scratte smiled as she tried to reduce Scrat back to her but he learned her lesson and he winks to her just like she did to him at the beginning and pulls the acorn that makes Scratte fall.

Then Scrat comes to the surface again with his acorn and teases Scratte until the chunk of ice falls back and drops the acorn back into Dinosaur World causing Scrat to scream in frustration.

Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas[]




Ice Age: Continental Drift[]





Ice Age: The Great Egg-Scapade[]



Ice Age: Collision Course[]







Scrat: Spaced Out[]




Family Guy[]

Ice Age: Adventures of Buck Wild[]

Scrat dosen't physically appear as he's still in space but he's seen in a drawing in Buck's den that shows him in the UFO.


  • Initially Scrat wasn't going to be in Ice Age. He was created in a second moment when Michael J. Wilson's daughter Flora drew a prehistoric squirrel and called him Scrat. For his physical appearance Chris Wedge came to the museum and had the idea of a mix between a rat and a lemur.
  • He was originally supposed to appear only at the beginning of the first film but the audience loved him so much that he was given more scenes.
  • Scrat was supposed to talk initially but that idea was scrapped when the directors decided to make him a Willie E. Coyote type of character.
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