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Second Honeymoon is a 1937 screwball romantic comedy, starring Tyrone Power and Loretta Young in the main roles.


The newly remarried Vicky (Loretta Young) is on vacation in Miami Beach with her second husband Bob Benton (Lyle Talbot) a Yale-man. One night Vicky finds her first husband Raoul McLiesh (Tyrone Power) on the terrace of the ballroom, and they skip between kissing as if they never divorced and the distant way of two not married people. As he is introduced to her second husband Bob, they have a certain complicity against Vicky, and McLiesh not only finds himself with a Valet - Leo MacTavish (Stuart Erwin) - but also with a rakoon, sent him from Bob. He decides to stay at the hotel as his first wife seems more beautiful than ever. The next evening McLiesh brings a young girl - a cigarette-girl met on the road somewhere, Joy (Marjorie Weaver), who makes Vicky jealous, as her husband flirts with her. While businessman husband Bob has to leave, Vicky and Raoul get closer.

"You're the only real thing that ever happened to me. Don't let me go this time, please don't!", Vicky says one night to Raoul. And while Raoul's Valet Leo McTavish marries Joy, Bob, Vicky and Raoul are in a storm of emotions trying to find their way to one or another.


  • Tyrone Power as Raoul McLiesh
  • Loretta Young as Vicky
  • Stuart Erwin as Leo MacTavish
  • Claire Trevor as Marcia
  • Marjorie Weaver as Joy
  • Lyle Talbot as Bob Benton
  • J. Edward Bromberg as Herbie
  • Paul Hurst as Dennis Huggins
  • Jayne Regan as Paula
  • Hal K. Dawson as Andy
  • Mary Treen as Elsie
  • Brooks Benedict as Party Guest (uncredited)
  • Stanley Blystone as Policeman (uncredited)
  • Wade Boteler as Policeman (uncredited)
  • Troy Brown Sr. as Piano Player (uncredited)
  • Harry Burkhardt as Lawyer (uncredited)
  • Lon Chaney Jr. as Reporter (uncredited)
  • James Conaty as Party Guest (uncredited)
  • Wally Dean as Party Guest (uncredited)
  • Jay Eaton as Party Guest (uncredited)
  • Sarah Edwards (actress) as Woman in Airplane (uncredited)
  • Herbert Fortier as Lawyer (uncredited)
  • Philippa Hilber as Telephone Operator (uncredited)
  • Arthur Stuart Hull as Lawyer (uncredited)
  • Robert Kellard as Reporter (uncredited)
  • Fred Kelsey as Turnkey (uncredited)
  • Joe King (actor) as Police Lieutenant (uncredited)
  • Robert Lowery as Reporter (uncredited)
  • Don Marion as Bellboy (uncredited)
  • Major McBride as Croupier (uncredited)
  • Paul McVey as Waiter (uncredited)
  • Harold Miller as Party Guest (uncredited)
  • Bert Moorhouse as Party Guest (uncredited)
  • Alex Novinsky as Bondsman (uncredited)
  • Thomas Pogue as Lawyer (uncredited)
  • Alexander Pollard as Waiter (uncredited)
  • Lillian Porter as Telephone Operator (uncredited)
  • Arthur Rankin (actor) as Reporter (uncredited)
  • Henry Roquemore as Bondsman (uncredited)
  • Phillips Smalley as Banker (uncredited)
  • Charles Tannen as Reporter (uncredited)
  • William Wagner as Doctor Sneed (uncredited)