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Snowball is the names of five cats that have been owned by the Simpson family:

  • Snowball I, a white female cat who died and only briefly appeared in a flashback in the series, but has been mentioned numerous times.
  • Snowball II, a dark gray female cat which was the cat owned from the first episode up until her death in the episode "I, D'oh-bot".
  • Snowball III, a brown male cat that only appeared in "I, Doh-bot"
  • Coltrane (a.k.a, Snowball IV), a white male cat with hair similar to Bart's that only appeared in "I, Doh-bot".
  • Snowball V, commonly referred to as Snowball II, a dark gray female cat that first appeared in "I, Doh-bot" and has been the family cat ever since.