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Squint  è l'antagonista secondario del film Ice Age: Continetal Drift e il principale antagonista di Ice Age: The Great Egg-Scapade. È un coniglio preistorico simile a un Paleolago e un membro dell'equipaggio del Capitano Gutt.

He is voiced by Aziz Ansari in Continetal Drift, and Seth Green in the The Great Egg-Scapade.


He serves as the pirates "bad boy of the crew" and he seem to enjoys his lifestyle. He was lost at sea on a drift of ice cap and found by Gutt and his crew, vowing his life to him and being the very insane one of the group. He and the rest of the crew look down on Manny, Sid, Diego and Granny, he tells his allies to attack and Shira stop his command. Like the rest of the crew, they were enjoying tormenting their prisoners and having fun at the same time.

Dopo che Shira ha adattato l'equipaggio, Squint diventa il primo ufficiale e ne prende il pieno controllo. Nel culmine, è stato distratto da Shira quando lei lo ha preso in giro su quanto è carino per dimenare il naso e viene calpestato da Ellie.

In Ice Age: The Great Egg-Scapade, viene rivelato che Squint è sopravvissuto alla battaglia e ora vive con sua madre e il suo gemello lazy Clint.

When he sees Manny, Sid and Diego he wants revenge and steals the eggs blaming Sid.

Tuttavia il suo piano fallisce e finisce in Crash and Eddie's april fools trap.

Più tardi trova il dollaro di Scrat and tries to use it as a ship but it sanks.


di matto per un piccolo coniglio e il "cattivo ragazzo" dei pirati. È squilibrato, maleducato, ingannevole e troppo sicuro di sé, poiché sembra che si diverta a ridere degli altri e si avvia alla battaglia. Le sue passioni sono i suoi coltelli d'osso e gli atti di violenza. È noto per avere più energia dell'intero equipaggio e può durare per giorni. Vuole solo essere un primo ufficiale migliore di Shira.

But, seen in picture and scene of the film. He gets agitated for hearing jokes like calling him "Easter Bunny" by Manny did, going in an aggressive state. Also, calling him cute or cuddly just makes him very angry.

He may be small and not so strong. He is the fastest and most violent of the crew, always rushing first in battle and can tie up anyone in five seconds, steal someone's booty (food) in three seconds and reappearing after being tossed by Captain Gutt.



  • Voiced by comedian Aziz Ansari, they needed someone to match this character small but big attitude in the film.
  • He is the "Crash and Eddie" of his group.
  • He is missing some teeth on his lower jaw and one of the few members of the crew that feeds on plants.
  • He seem to suffer some issues of rabbit jokes like being called " Easter Bunny" by Manny, going in a twitching state. Only Flynn is surprised to see him like this, the others have seen this before.
  • Second smallest of the pirates, the smallest is Silas the blue-footed booby.
  • He hates being called "cute" or "cuddly".
  • Like a rabbit, he is the energetic one of the crew.
  • Squint and Sid are the punching bag of their group, Gutt likes to throw him and Manny hits Sid for being or saying something stupid.
  • Squint had a rivalry with Shira even before she betrays the crew, as he is seen smiling smugly when Gutt brates Shira for not killing Manny and the herd.
  • In the original draft for Continental Drift, he was going to be the captain, and he would have had a peg-leg.