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Step Lively, Jeeves! is a 1937 American comedy film directed by Eugene Forde and written by Frank Fenton and Lynn Root. The film stars Arthur Treacher, Patricia Ellis, Robert Kent, Alan Dinehart, George Givot and Helen Flint. It is based on P. G. Wodehouse's characters. The film was released on April 1, 1937, by 20th Century Fox.


Butler Jeeves goes to America duped by mobsters into believing he is the heir to the fortune of Sir Francis Drake.


  • Arthur Treacher as Jeeves
  • Patricia Ellis as Patricia Westley
  • Robert Kent as Gerry Townsend
  • Alan Dinehart as Hon. Cedric B. Cromwell
  • George Givot as Prince Boris Caminov
  • Helen Flint as Babe
  • John Harrington as Barney Ross
  • George Cooper as Slug
  • Arthur Housman as Max
  • Max Wagner as Joey
  • Franklin Pangborn as Gaston