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Stowaway is a 1936 American musical film directed by William A. Seiter. The screenplay by William M. Conselman, Nat Perrin, and Arthur Sheekman is based on a story by Samuel G. Engel. The film is about a young orphan called "Ching Ching" (Shirley Temple) who meets wealthy playboy Tommy Randall (Robert Young) in Shanghai and then accidentally stows away on the ocean liner he is travelling on. The film was hugely successful, and is available on videocassette and DVD.


Barbara "Ching-Ching" Stewart is an orphan living in Sanchow, China. When bandits threaten, she is sent to Shanghai for safety. Accidentally separated from her guide, Ching-Ching finds herself in Shanghai all alone with her dog until she meets a westerner, Tommy Randall, a rich playboy traveling about the world by ocean liner. Ching-Ching then accidentally becomes a stowaway on his ship. When discovered, she is provided for by Tommy and Susan Parker, a passenger on the ship engaged to the son of her traveling companion, Mrs Ruth Hope. Susan and Tommy become romantically involved. Ching-Ching plays Cupid in furthering their romance. The couple realize they adore Ching-Ching and want to do the best for her after learning she will be put off the ship and sent to an orphan's asylum. Susan breaks her engagement with Richard Hope, Ruth's son, after discovering his selfish nature and marries Tommy. The two adopt Ching-Ching.


  • Shirley Temple as Barbara "Ching-Ching" Stewart, a young American girl orphaned in China
  • Robert Young as Tommy Randall, a playboy and world traveler, Barbara's adoptive father
  • Alice Faye as Susan Parker, Mrs Hope's shipboard companion and the wife of Tommy Randall, Barbara's adoptive mother
  • Helen Westley as Mrs Hope, Susan's companion
  • Allan Lane as Richard Hope, the son of Mrs. Hope and Susan's ex-fiancé
  • Eugene Pallette as the Colonel, Tommy's friend
  • Astrid Allwyn as Kay Swift, Tommy's friend
  • Jayne Regan as Dora Day, Tommy's friend
  • Arthur Treacher as Atkins, Tommy's valet
  • Philip Ahn as Sun Lo, Barbara's friend in Sanchow
  • Willie Fung as Chang, Sun-lo's friend and a boatman
  • Robert Greig as Captain of SS Victoria
  • J. Edward Bromberg as Judge J. D. Booth
  • Layne Tom Jr. as Chinese Boy in the Musical Band (uncredited)


  • This is the last movie made by 20th Century Fox of 1936.