That I May Live is a 1937 American crime film directed by Allan Dwan and written by Ben Markson and William M. Conselman. The film stars Rochelle Hudson, Robert Kent, J. Edward Bromberg, Jack La Rue, Frank Conroy and Fred Kelsey. The film was released on April 30, 1937, by 20th Century Fox.


Crooks use a man's safe-cracking skills then involve him in more crime after he spends three years in jail. He falls in love with a waitress and they go to work for a traveling salesman.


  • Rochelle Hudson as Irene Howard
  • Robert Kent as Dick Mannion
  • J. Edward Bromberg as Tex Shapiro
  • Jack La Rue as Charlie
  • Frank Conroy as Pop
  • Fred Kelsey as Abner Jenkins
  • George Cooper as Mack
  • DeWitt Jennings as Chief of Police
  • Russell Simpson as Bish Plivens
  • William "Billy" Benedict as Kurt Plivens
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