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The Country Doctor is a 1936 American drama film directed by Henry King and written by Sonya Levien. The film stars Jean Hersholt, June Lang, Slim Summerville,Michael Whalen, Dorothy Peterson and Robert Barrat. The film was released on March 12, 1936, by 20th Century Fox.


In this true story set in remote, frozen Moosetown, Canada, John Luke (Jean Hersholt) is the only doctor around. Because of the punishing winters, Moosetown is closed off until spring, so he is responsible for all medical duties during that time, from illness to childbirth. Struggling to garner support for better supplies and facilities from stubborn local businessmen, Dr. Luke opens some eyes after he delivers the world's first quintuplets to a longtime patient.


  • The Dionne Quintuplets as The Wyatt Quintuplets
  • Yvonne Dionne as Yvonne
  • Cecile Dionne as Cecile
  • Marie Dionne as Marie
  • Annette Dionne as Annette
  • Emilie Dionne as Emelie
  • Jean Hersholt as Dr. John Luke
  • June Lang as Mary MacKenzie
  • Slim Summerville as Constable Jim Ogden
  • Michael Whalen as Tony Luke
  • Dorothy Peterson as Nurse Katherine Kennedy
  • Robert Barrat as MacKenzie
  • Jane Darwell as Mrs. Graham
  • John Qualen as Asa Wyatt
  • Frank Reicher as Dr. Paul Luke
  • Montagu Love as Sir Basil Crawford
  • David Torrence as Governor General
  • George Chandler as Greasy
  • Helen Jerome Eddy as Mrs. Ogden
  • Aileen Carlyle as Mrs. Wyatt
  • George Meeker as Dr. Wilson
  • J. Anthony Hughes as Mike
  • William "Billy" Benedict as The Gawker