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The Great Hospital Mystery is a 1937 American crime film directed by James Tinling and written by Bess Meredyth, William M. Conselman and Jerome Cady. The film stars Jane Darwell, Sig Ruman, Sally Blane, Thomas Beck, Joan Davis and William Demarest. The film was released on May 14, 1937, by 20th Century Fox.


When gangsters threaten the life of the brother of a nurse, she and her superintendent make it look as if he died while a hospital patient.


  • Jane Darwell as Miss Sarah Keats
  • Sig Ruman as Dr. Taggert
  • Sally Blane as Ann Smith
  • Thomas Beck as Dr. David McKerry
  • Joan Davis as Flossie Duff
  • William Demarest as Mr. Beatty
  • George Walcott as Allen Tracy
  • Wade Boteler as Det. Lt. Mattoon
  • Howard Phillips as Tom Kirby