The Holy Terror is a 1937 American film directed by James Tinling, and a vehicle for child star Jane Withers. The film follows the comic adventures of 11-year-old Withers as she causes mild havoc and catches spies on her father's naval base. It is one of only three feature films of Joe E. Lewis.


A Navy officer's precocious daughter (Jane Withers) plays pranks and exposes a spy ring.


  • Jane Withers as Corky Wallace
  • Tony Martin as Danny Walker
  • Leah Ray as Marjorie Dean
  • El Brendel as 'Bugs' Svenson
  • Joe E. Lewis as Pelican Beek
  • Joan Davis as Lili
  • Andrew Tombes as Commander Otis
  • Fred Kohler Jr. as Carson
  • Victor Adams as Flandro
  • Raymond Brown as Phelps
  • Gloria Roy as Maria Blair
  • Gavin Muir as Redman
  • John Eldredge as Lt. Comdr. Wallace
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