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Ice Age: A New Adventure Begins is a 2020 computer animated comedy adventure movie-special produced by 20th Television Animation and Bardel Entertainment. It serves as a spin-off to the Ice Age franchise and as a pilot episode to The Adventures of Buck Wild. It focuses on Buck teaming up with Crash and Eddie and his old love interest Zee to stop an evil dwarf talking Triceratop named that wants to rule the Lost World with his Raptors and killing all the mammals.

It premiered on Disney+ on January 28.


One month after the events of Ice Age: Collision Course, Crash and Eddie are tired of being treated like babies and wants to find their own place, especially after destroying the habitat of Manny, Sid, Diego, Ellie, Shira and Brooke.

That night they escape and they go back to the old valley chosing it as their new home (they find a non-destroyed zone) but they get thrown underground and they find another bridge to the Dinosaur World after Buck destroyed the old one and they decide to go there to live a life of adventures with the weasel but they're chased by some Raptors after their leader, a dwarf talking Triceratop named Orson that hates mammals, decided to make them their snack, however they're saved by Buck as he was flying with his new pteranodon pet Penelope.

Buck wants to bring the duo back to home since he believes them unable to survive in the Dinosaur World but he says he will do it once he defeated Orson, that wants go rule the Dinosaur World with his Raptors and to get rid of mammals. Once they're on Buck's home, Orson shows up and he put a rock in the entry.

After explaining his plan, Orson succeeds to capture Buck, Crash and Eddie using gas but they're saved by a female zorilla named Zee, an old friend and love interest of Buck that helps them to find Momma T-Rex so she can help them to defeat Orson.

However, Momma T-Rex has a pain in one of her teeth and they try to remove that tooth but while doing it Zee had to use her stanch to keep her calm during the operation which made her confused and unable to fight the Raptors when Orson arrives.

Buck offers himself to Orson as his prisoner so that Zee, Crash and Eddie can escape and Orson accepts delighted that he won. However, Zee trains Crash and Eddie to become better adventuriers and fighters and they succesfully free Buck from his cage saving him right when Orson was about to execute him in front of everyone by feeding him to his Raptors.

Buck, Zee, Crash and Eddie start fighting against Orson and his allies and Manny, Sid, Diego, Ellie and Momma T-Rex arrives to help them. Crash and Eddie managesto temporarily control the Raptors and they send them to chase and eat Orson instead as the latter runs away in terror.

Crash and Eddie hugs Ellie and decide to stay with Buck and Zee to live an adventerous life while promising to the Herd that they will visit often.



  • Scrat is still trapped in space, presumably still struggling to command the UFO, and therefore unable to actually appear but he gets referenced in a drawing seen in Buck's home which shows him in the UFO (an obvious Easter Egg). Peaches is also indirectly mentioned when Manny says to Crash and Eddie that at some point adults should move over implying that Peaches and Julian already moved away. Shira and Brooke aren't seen or mentioned but it's safe to assume they were hanging out.
  • Simon Pegg and Frank Welker are the only voice actors from the movies to reprise his role in the show and this TV movie.