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The Magic Pudding is a 2000 Australian animated movie based on the 1918 story of the same name by Norman Lindsay. Directed by Karl Zwicky, the film features an ensemble cast of known voice actors, including Sam Neill, Geoffrey Rush, Hugo Weaving, Jack Thompson, Toni Collette and John Cleese.


In the South Pole in the year 1957, Bill Barnacle and his crew are cruising across the waters when their ship crashes. The crew run out of food and are starving and their evil shipmate Buncle wants to eat Sam (The first mate). However they discover a magic pudding called Albert that can talk, change flavor on request, lasts forever and demands that they continue to eat him. Buncle runs off with the pudding and claims it as his own, but the block of ice he was standing on breaks and falls into the sea, while Bill and Sam manage to rescue the pudding, and choose to protect it from thievery. Ten years later in 1967 a young koala named Bunyip Bluegum discovers that he is not an orphan and sets out on a quest to find his parents, Meg and Tom Bluegum. The old crew and the koala paths cross on the road when Bunyip stumbles into the middle of an attempt by thieves to steal the everlasting pudding from Bill and his first mate Sam.


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