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The Talking Magpies is a 1946 animated short. It is the debut of Heckle and Jeckle.


The magpies move into a nest in a tree right outside an old man's bedroom window. Chaos ensues as the magpies and the old man each try to best each other, the old man trying to get the magpies to be quiet, and the two of them being anything BUT quiet.


Two magpies (billed in this cartoon as "Man and Wife") are looking for a nesting place at the Magpies' Hotel. Nowhere is there a vacancy.

Finally they rent a nest in a treetop just outside the bedroom window of an old man (Farmer Al Falfa). His sleep disturbed, he asks them to be a little quieter. Instead, the magpies squawk on relentlessly. Try as they might, those birds just can't stay quiet.

Farmer Al Falfa starts after them with his gun. As he rounds the corner, one of the magpies has slipped into the radio and is broadcasting a show on "how to rid your farm of magpies." The farmer realizes that he has been tricked, and the hunt is on. The magpies trick him into a barrel and turn his own gun on him.